Resident Notification FAQs

How to opt-in to texts for easy maintenance updates


Keep track of your maintenance requests via text and email!

As part of delivering you the best service experience possible, we keep you posted on maintenance requests! When you Opt-in, we’ll send you email & SMS notifications so you can track our progress and provide feedback on our service.


What is the opt-in for? 

This opt-in will enable you to receive status updates and other service-related notifications via SMS/Text regarding maintenance activities at your apartment community. 


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What are the notifications?

Every apartment community potentially uses these notifications differently; they could include, but are not limited to:

  • Service request confirmation
  • Request acceptance by a technician
  • Scheduling information
  • Status updates
  • Broadcast notifications
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Are the notifications from a person or from a computer?

It depends. Most of the status updates are computer generated when your maintenance team interacts digitally with your request for service. For example, when a maintenance team member completes your request, you may receive a system notification letting you know your request has been completed and if you’d like to provide feedback. 

Notifications could also be directly from a member of your apartment community’s management team letting you know about a specific issue concerning your service request. It could also be a broadcast message letting part or all of the community know about a service issue impacting everyone. 



Can I respond to these messages?

No you cannot. These are one-way messages and any response will not be seen by a person. If you have questions, you should call your management office directly at the number listed in the message or the contact number provided to you in your lease packet.



What is the survey and why should I participate?

A survey notification is delivered to residents when their service requests have been completed by a maintenance team member and reviewed by a member of your community’s management team. 

The survey is a great way to let your community manager know about your service experience and if it was good or bad. To ensure complete satisfaction, each submission is reviewed by the management team to evaluate the performance of the service team. If you deem the repair unsatisfactory and submit a survey as such, it is likely that a new service request will be opened by the maintenance department to address any remaining issues.



Do I have to do a google review?

When you submit a survey, you may be asked to also leave a Google 5-Star rating at your community or management company’s Google Place ID (Google Maps). You don’t have to do it but it is highly encouraged!



Who operates this Notification System?

The maintenance Notification System is owned & operated by ServusConnect, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of NetVendor LLC. ServusConnect is a business-to-business digital maintenance software platform used by your management company to help them improve & streamline maintenance operations. If you have any questions about ServusConnect, please contact your management company.


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How do I opt-out of SMS notifications?

Just reply to any SMS notification with “STOP” and your number will be blacklisted and you will not receive further SMS alerts from this system. If you want to restart notifications, you can reply again with “START”.


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