Because we support Multifamily Operators who work in many different cities and states across the country, we want to keep up with how COVID-19 may be impacting specific locations within their portfolios. Below are a few resources that we've found helpful that report with more granularity for each state. If you find this helpful, please feel free to bookmark and share.

PS - our product team has been working overtime on several emergency product enhancements to specifically assist maintenance teams with safety, awareness and increased volumes associated with the spread of COVID-19. If you'd like to have a conversation to learn more about what we're doing, let's talk.



Links to COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting by State

State websites are not the easiest to navigate, and in some cases, their COVID-19 outbreak reporting is not easy to find. We curated the links below to connect directly to the page that had the most relevant outbreak data for each state.

Alabama Maine Oregon
Alaska Maryland Pennsylvania
Arizona Massachusetts Rhode Island
Arkansas Michigan South Carolina
California Minnesota South Dakota
Colorado Mississippi Tennessee
Connecticut Missouri Texas
Delaware Montana Utah
Florida Nebraska Vermont
Georgia Nevada Virginia
Hawaii New Hampshire Washington
Idaho New Jersey West Virginia
Illinois New Mexico Wisconsin
Indiana New York Wyoming
Iowa North Carolina Puerto Rico
Kansas North Dakota Washington D.C.
Kentucky Ohio  
Louisiana Oklahoma